Sweatpants and tee's aren't what you are supposed to wear at Oireachtas. Try a cute dress, or a nice shirt. Here's what I am wearing this year-
    Wear these around before you dance.

These are my pumpkins from this year. The first one is the Claddgh. It is an Irish symbol. Being an Irish dancer, I see it a lot.

The second pumpkin is the sunflower from Plants VS Zombies. 🎃👻🌼🍀

  What's your favorite candy? I don't have a preference on which is better. Tons of people LOVE M and M's. These candies can be found at almost any grocery store, and are bought frequently. More commonly, you might keep a jar of M and M's in your house somewhere to snack on.
   Others like skittles too. Some get them from the vending machine for a snack. These are eaten more as a snack, than M and M's are eaten kind of like "oh, I'm bored, I'll have a M and M," while skittle are eaten like, ''Here everybody, look I'm eating skittles.'' You know what I mean?

I carve two pumpkins every year, but this one is my favorite. If you aren't familiar with this character, this is Chococat, from hello kitty. I came up with this with no template to help me. But, this year it will be better.

  You might think that somewhere in the world, money grows on trees. Gold is the closest you will get to money! Yes, gold grows in some trees. The trees can be found in the Australian Outback on eucalyptus trees. But where does the gold come from? Does it blow in with the wind? Does it just grow on the leafs? Read this article to find out.

  You might think that fast food is a better option sometimes. Just stop in, get a bite to eat and leave in just 5 minutes. Simple. But it really isn't that simple though. Most everything has too many calories. The item might be "premium" but it really isn't premium. An example is McDonalds premium chicken McWrap southwest crispy chicken. Guess what the surprising though. It's more calories than a quarter pounder double bacon cheeseburger. The wrap is 680 calorie.
Also, the hotcakes at McDonalds are 350 calories. But if you want sausage with that, it magically turns into 520 calories! Talk about calories added with two little patties. And even more surprising, the calories in a vanilla shake is 3 times the amount of calories in their world famous fries!
   Now, lets take a trip to Wendy's. A  Dave's Hot 'N Juicy 3/4 lb. Triple might sound good, but however, DON'T GET ONE! It's FULL to the top with calories. It's a whopping 1,020 calories! Visit the link below for more unhealthy fast food options. Fox News

  This is my cat Gloria. She is an awesome cat. Her problem is that she has claws! Whenever she comes to cuddle up on your lap, you have to be worried about the claws. She just might make them dig into your thigh.

You see, when she was born, her mother abandoned her and her brothers. They were found outside of a walmart and taken to a shelter, and unfortunately my cat was the only one that survived out of all of her brothers and sisters. Because she had no mother, she didn't learn when to put her claws out and when not to. So that's why she sticks her claws out. We could remove them, but we chose not to.

So now you know why she sticks her claws out. Gloria is now 4 years old and is living the high life.

 With Oireachtas coming up, all dancers and dance teachers are going crazy. Don't go too crazy though! You probably don't want to get and injury before you head off to regionals. Here are some helpful tips to safely guide you through your process of getting ready.
  -WRAP YOUR ANKLES with sports wrap. sports wrap is that stuff that you can tear easily, and feels like thin cloth. Sports stores should have this special tape that comes in many colors. start it at your arch, and wrap it up past your ankle. this will help prevent the injuries before they happen.
  -ALWAYS DO AT LEAST ONE FULL DANCE and add on an extra step at the end for stamina. So instead of doing the normal three steps and your done, do an extra one.
  -DRILL THE PARTS YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH. Believe me, it will help. If you drill each part even 20 times, you will see a difference in your dances. look for turnout, crossing, and anything else your teachers tell you to work on.

 Halloween is fast approaching! All of the monster are coming out of hiding, people are stocking up on candy to give trick-or-treaters, and everyone is decorating their house. For me, the best part is getting ghosted. In our neighborhood, we kind of ding dong ditch a friend, but the leave them some treats at their doorstep. We go out late at night, before everyone is all asleep.
  So, for me, its not the sweets, its the scare and surprise. There is a family in our neighborhood whose dad makes Halloween decorations for a living. He doesn't make the cute little pumpkin faces, he makes the scary contraptions. Last year, he even had a animatronic that looked like it was getting run over by a lawnmower! Overall, his biggest creation is the vortex. it is a huge cylinder that you can walk into, and the cylinder spins around you, and makes you dizzy. 

  Celebrating Bai-Yuns 22nd birthday couldn't have been better! Bai-Yun is a panda from the San-Diego zoo. A 225 pound cake was made for the panda out of ice, bamboo, yams and apples.
   Every cake is different. Bai-Yuns cake was pink, purple, and blue. It also came with an edible plaque that had her babies names on it. It is quite time consuming believe it or not, it takes a week or two.  The cake is colorful and frozen, so they need plenty of time for the cake to chill.
   When the panda receives the cake, he or she digs in! The pandas really enjoy this treat, and like to share with their friends. Bai-Yuns birthday cake


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